Freelance writer/editor

Feb 19, 2013
Mar 21, 2013
Mr. Conrad Lumm
Part Time
As an e-commerce company that produces quite a bit of content for our several dozen commercial websites, we need a seasoned freelancer to write blog entries, articles and other assorted copy, as well as working on occasional projects like infographics, campaign pages and press releases.

You are:
-A faultless copy editor who can spot a mislaid comma or quotation mark from a mile away. We don't want to have to go through your copy with a fine-toothed comb.
-A skilled and insatiably curious writer who can breathe life into topics that may not seem all that gripping at first glance.
-Able to drop by our Brooklyn office occasionally for the odd meeting.
-Willing to produce blog entries, as well as working on other content on an as-needed basis. The work will not be regular, and can fit in around other jobs, as long as we can expect a prompt reply when we send a commission or request.

When we say "Donald Shoup," you say "Parking." When we say "OSHA," you say, "Compliance." When we say "Signs," you do not say "Mel Gibson." If you have demonstrable experience writing engagingly about transportation, zoning, OSHA, worker safety, ergonomics, compliance, or traffic, even if only in an academic context, it will definitely put you at the top of the stack.

Applications that don't include a customized cover letter and a resume will be ignored. Include hourly rate with your application.