Unpaid Intern

New York
Mar 01, 2013
Mar 31, 2013
Mr. Jeff Rivera
I am a bestselling author who helps promote other authors, entrepreneurs and celebrities. I'm looking to hire a full-time virtual assistant to be my right hand man or woman (or transgender person).

In order to decide who I would like to hire, I've created an unpaid internship program so that I can select the best candidate. I will be hand selecting a small group of interns to join my mentorship program.

Although I may have errands that need to be done in New York from time to time, you can live anywhere in the world because you will be doing the work from your own computer.

This is not a free slave internship. This is an opportunity to work with a mentor who is willing and able to teach you all I know.

People pay me big bucks to teach them how to do this and you'll get it all for free so that you can take the knowledge with you, whether you are hired as a full-time assistant or you work elsewhere, forever.

All races, sexual orientations, religions and nationalities are encouraged to apply.

I'm a nice guy but I expect you to do your job and if you cannot then you're out the door. I believe in the 2 strikes and you're out rule so I expect you to be on your A-Game, like I am.

We will be communicating via email, Skype, Google Hangouts and social media and perhaps every once in awhile in person. Although, I live in Costa Rica most of the year, I do travel quite a bit to the United States.

I have many high-profile coaches and mentors and I will be teaching you everything I know.

(You do not need all these skills to qualify but a guy can dream, can't he?)

Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it.
You have a great attitude all the time no matter what.
You are a work-a-holic.
You feel like you just need a break.
You are interested in being introduced to important people in the media, business world, literary and publishing world and from time to time celebrities.
You are passionate about marketing, publicity, editing, writing or business.
You need something great on your resume.
You need a letter of recommendation.
You're willing to commit to at least 6 months. You are willing to commit to at least 20 hours a week.
You have access to your own computer and broadband internet.
You are well-versed in Word and/or Excel.
You don't mind doing hours of mindless data entry but are willing to also interact, engage and collaborate.
You have excellent grammar and spelling.
You love to write.
You are interested in meeting literary agents, magazine and newspaper editors.
You know how to edit audio or video.
You are great at answering the phone and have a gift for gab and putting people at ease.
You meet deadlines without any excuses. If I hear how someone cat, dog or grandma died one more time, I think I'm going to throw up.

How to create and manage a Skype Tour.
How to use social media the right way, not just to blast information but to beta-test ideas and crowd source and collaborate.
How to create an effective Kickstarter campaign.
How to pitch the media.
How to interview VIPs.
How to create eBooks.
How to do a bestsellers campaign.
How engage with people via email in order to build your fan base from scratch.
How to put together a speaking tour and a book tour.
How to create Facebook ads.
How to use Youtube as a community, not just a place to upload videos.
How to create a blog tour and create joint ventures online.
How to answer the phone professionally (and not sound like Mickey or Minnie Mouse)

To apply, do NOT send me your resume. I don't care about it and I won't look at it. Send me a short email that tells me very succinctly and distinctly why you're dying to do this job and what skillset you have to contribute. The email should not sound like a robot wrote it. It should have your personality. When I say short, I mean, get to the point. Less than 2 paragraphs is fine. I'm not getting any younger here.