Market Research Assistant

New York
Mar 14, 2013
Apr 13, 2013
Ms. Lynn Starace
Full Time
Law360, published by Portfolio Media, Inc., is an online daily newswire that covers breaking legal news for a sophisticated audience of lawyers at firms, corporations and government agencies. Law360 focuses on creating a challenging and rewarding workplace in which our employees thrive. Our unique hiring process has brought together some of the most talented and innovative professionals in NYC.

We currently have the opportunity for a full-time Marketing Assistant to join our Marketing team. This person will be responsible for identifying new prospects and other ways to grow customer acquisition through marketing efforts. The ideal candidate is detail oriented, analytical, and methodical in his/her approach.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Research and evaluate market potential and size
Identify list of potential organizations
Consult various potential and current database sources for contacts at each organization
Evaluate prospective clients based on professional demographics
Match prospects against the Law360 product line
Monitor progress and measure effectiveness of marketing efforts
Assist with other lead generation activities, such as sales enablement and online media

Basic requirements:
B.A. /B.S. in Marketing, Business Administration, Communications or related field.
Working proficiency in computer applications (Microsoft Office Suite)
Strong problem solver with excellent organizational, and communication skills
Some Marketing experience or education preferred

Please note: Qualified candidates will be asked to complete a general aptitude and reading comprehension test.

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