Custom Programs Manager

Mar 18, 2013
Apr 17, 2013
Ms. Hiring Manager
Full Time
Remedy ( is hiring a Custom Program Manager to work in a fun, fast paced new media environment. Gain experience and training in all aspects of digital media and define your career path within the company.


•Work with our teams to brainstorm and design strategic, creative online marketing campaigns for the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Out-of-the-box thinking required!
•Provide exceptional customer service to agencies and marketers and act as internal point of contact for Sales, Operations, Marketing, Editorial, and Finance teams.
•Oversee the implementation and launch of new marketing programs. Help us and our clients bring fresh ideas to life online.
•Prepare and present professional campaign delivery reports and optimizations for both internal and client review.
•Learn SEM skills and begin working with our SEM Manager to assist with campaign delivery.
•Entertainment and client events with occasional travel to NYC.

•Professional attitude with the willingness to try and learn new things.
•Type A-ish personality: you care about details and getting it right.
•Recognition that the best idea wins.
•Patience. There will always be demanding clients and fire drills, but hey, it’s just a part of the job and we’ll get through it together.
•Team player: collaborating with the teams is a crucial asset to true success at Remedy.
•Resourcefulness and the ability to Googulate when you don’t know the answer.
•Good communication: you understand when it’s better to pick up the phone versus emailing.
•Good understanding of the internet, smartphones, and tablet devices.
•Sense of humor. If you haven’t smiled at least once while reading these qualifications, you may not be a good fit at Remedy.
•Bonus points for knowing what the following terms mean: CPM, CPC, CPL, UVs, SEM, SEO, FTC, FDA, ISI.
•Double bonus points if you know how to create a pivot table in Excel.
•Triple bonus points if you send me your resume in either PDF or PowerPoint formats.