Health Editor, Woman's Day (1813)

New York
Mar 21, 2013
Apr 20, 2013
Hearst Recruiter
Full Time

Oversee the Health News/FOB section: Pitch lineups, report/write all of the items and work with art/photo department on the images and layouts.

Assign and edit one-page columns and/or stories on a range of health topics, including preventive health and nutrition advice.

Interview MDs and other medical experts for article reporting and story idea generation.

Find engaging “real women” stories for columns such as Healthy Inspiration and Path to Health (weight loss success story).

Cover the health & fitness industry, staying on top of upcoming launches and new products.

Keep track of relevant research and studies.

Required Skills:

Strong writing skills

Fresh ideas and innovative article packaging concepts

The ability to relay complicated medical information to a lay audience

Some experience assigning and editing stories

Extensive health, nutrition and fitness expert contacts

Passion/interest in health, nutrition and/or fitness

Experience Required:

At least 4 years of experience at a consumer magazine (preferably in the health field)

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