Creative Services Manager

New York
Apr 08, 2013
May 08, 2013
Mr. Miles Merwin
Full Time
LEFT BRAIN: Developing/managing timelines and working team members internally, as well as clients and agencies, to ensure on-time execution of all program elements; Developing/managing budgets for events and other projects; Negotiating with vendors, partners, talent, etc. to ensure efficient rates; Working with legal to ensure compliance/coverage for Fast Company and our partners (talent release, sweepstakes/contest rules, insurance, etc.)
RIGHT BRAIN: Working with Sales/Marketing to conceptualize NEW revenue-generating ideas (events, partnerships, sponsorships, custom content ideas, etc.); then translating ideas into concise, persuasive written sales materials; writers, etc.); ideas into concise written sales materials; Cultivating a range of strategic partners (vendors, venues, organizations, talent, freelancers, etc.) to enhance/execute programs; Participating in--and creatively contributing to--client and agency meetings, sales calls, and brainstorming sessions to articulate creative concepts; Working with PR and Social Media Editor to develop strategies to extend exposure to relevant programs/events.

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