Middle East and Africa Overnight Editor

New York
Apr 15, 2013
May 15, 2013
Ms. Bloomberg Recruitment
Full Time
The Role
Bloomberg News seeks an experienced Economy/Government editor in New York to handle overnight copy from the Middle East and Africa. Successful applicants will have a good knowledge of the Middle East and Africa, and will be fluent in English. Working knowledge of Arabic, French and/or Farsi are assets. The editor will also be expected to be a self-starter. While the successful applicant will edit during normal US hours, he or she will still be working long after the rest of the team in Africa and the Middle East has left for the day.

Candidates should be able to edit spot news under real-time deadline pressure and capable of sifting through a lot of overnight news to identify the items that our global audience wants to read about.

The successful applicant is expected to have the proven ability to make snap decisions about stories that would appear on TOP, Bloomberg's front page.

-Bachelor's degree of equivalent experience
-A journalism qualification or equivalent work experience is desirable
-Previous journalism experience
-Experience of working in a real-time news environment
-Understanding of the Middle East and Africa, its economy, politics, history and institutions is desirable
-Fluency in English
-Fluency in other languages, such as Arabic, French and Farsi would be desirable