Editorial Director, Active Interest Network

Winter Park
Apr 16, 2013
May 16, 2013
Ms. Bonnier Recruitment
Full Time
Job Description: Editorial Director, AIN

Reports To: Chief Content Officer

Location: Winter Park, FL

The Editorial Director is responsible for the editorial performance of the content teams within Bonnier Corporation’s Dive, Marine and Travel groups. These groups comprise 15 niche brands: Boating, Yachting, Flying, Sport Fishing, Salt Water Sportsman, Marlin, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Cruising World, Sailing World, Wakeboarding, Waterski, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Islands and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.

Specifically, the position is tasked with growing audience and engagement metrics for all brands across all media channels in which they operate. The position has direct supervision for the editorial and art staffs within the group, and interfaces regularly with relevant Group Publishers, Digital Content Directors, Creative Director, Chief Revenue Officer, and various corporate teams to meet brand, department and corporate objectives.


Ultimately, the job of the Editorial Director, AIN is to ensure the optimal performance of all Dive, Marine and Travel content teams:

*Deadline compliance: Issues ship on time, every time.
*Budget adherence: Ensure that all EICs establish and understand their annual budgets, receive and review monthly variance reports, and perform at or under budget. Deliver annual budgets and reforecasts to CCO as necessary.
*Brand DNA: Consistently produce content that is on brand in all channels, in accordance with established and published Brand DNA statements. Work closely with AIN sales, marketing and consumer marketing teams on all creative and branding initiatives to ensure a consistent message across channels. Maintain/modify DNA statements as necessary, and through appropriate discussions and collaboration with all key stakeholders.
*Process: Establish clear and consistent operating procedures for all brands. Ensure that budgets are tracked, content is planned, issue lineups are shared, and rights are administered consistently throughout the group.
*Culture: Instill a culture of continuous improvement throughout the group, in terms of content quality, variety of delivery techniques, expansion into emerging digital channels, and process improvements.
*Staffing: Provide leadership and management to the teams on a daily basis through example, mentorship and training. Proactively work to ensure a viable career path for high performers. Participate in the hiring of content team members. Provide disciplinary counseling and documentation when required. Supervise job eliminations when necessary. Ensure that annual reviews are performed on time.
*Content planning: Work with each content team to establish annual content plans that drive growth in audience and engagement across all appropriate media platforms, including print, website, eNews, social, mobile, video and events. Ensure the plan is shared, updated and followed throughout the year. Lead team to adjust the plan as new information is available or as new strategies are deployed.
*Systems: Promote adoption and buy-in of key corporate systems as they are introduced in the areas of Content Planning, Digital Asset Management, Project Management and Corporate Documentation.
*Audience metrics: Participate in the setting of annual goals for key audience metrics for each brand, and then lead in the development of content initiatives to meet and exceed those goals, in conjunction with the Digital Content Director and Audience Development team.
Success Criteria

The Editorial Director, AIN is measured on the performance of his/her brands across a wide spectrum of activities, including:

*Meeting production deadlines
*Hitting monthly, quarterly and annual budget targets
*Fulfillment of Brand DNA across all platforms
*Consistency in systems and process across brands
*Improvement in staff morale, as measured in quarterly staff surveys
*Direct feedback from team via annual 360 Review
*Increases in key audience size and engagement metrics:
¦Newsstand sell-through
¦Unique visitors
¦Page views
¦Page views per visit
¦Time spent on site
¦Social audience
¦Social referrals as a percent of MUVs
¦Email list size
¦Email open/click-through rates
Experience and Education Required

*Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism or related communications field. Masters preferred but not required.
*10-15 years of experience as a respected leader in multichannel content creation (publishing, journalism, etc.).
*Experience with creating compelling messages for different target demographics.
*HR-related experience including hiring, managing, performance reviews, compensation packages, etc. required.
*Experience in developing, implementing and managing digital content initiatives, including the measuring and analysis of key audience metrics.
Skills Required

The Editorial Director, AIN requires a combination of journalism, marketing and publishing mindset, with a heavy dose of counselor thrown in. The position oversees a large and diverse staff and must be able to choose varying management strategies to maximize the effort of all teams. Specific skills required:

*Proven editorial skills. Training as a print or digital journalist. Knows how to tell a story using words, images, design, video and audio, and an understanding of how to create content that draws an audience.
*The ability to lead and inspire large teams of creative personnel and content creators to achieve company's stated goals.
*Skill at both long-form content creation and real-time (immediate) content curation, as well as appropriate distribution strategies and tactics for each.
*A passion for new technology, and a commitment to leveraging those tools for the purpose of increased efficiency and audience engagement. Clear articulation of the business goal behind the creation of a piece of content, website functionality change, or digital design shift.
*Project management skills to manage editorial schedules and deadlines within corporate, group and brand campaigns.
*Familiarity with digital content consumption principles per channel (and the ability to adapt/ignore them as dictated by data).
*Excellent negotiator and mediator.
*Incredible people skills.
*Expertise in business software applications (Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office)
*Comfortable with web analytics tools (Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics), and able to convert audience behavior metrics into action plans to drive improvement in those metrics.
*A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly.
*Great powers of persuasion and presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint, etc.)
*Willingness to be continually learning the latest platforms, technology tools and marketing solutions.
*Comfortable with acting as a corporate spokesperson and advocate via media appearances, interviews, sales calls, trade shows, etc.

Please include resume.

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