VP Marketing

San Franciscos
Apr 17, 2013
May 17, 2013
HR Director
Full Time

Have you built a big audience for something that mattered in business or politics? Have you found a way to remove the friction that divides social media and commerce? Do you cast your gaze with awe at the wave of disruptive products–like Air BnB and Square–that have redefined what the word 'marketing' means today? Do you find yourself spending a Saturday building a proof of concept test for an idea you have a hunch will succeed and you need data to prove it?

Do terms like "agile," "deliverability," "milliseconds matter" and "Facebook open graph integration" keep cropping up in your strategy notes? Do you enjoy spending just as much time working with engineers and data architects as you do with communicators, analysts and sales directors? Are you familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the growth strategies of the PCCC, MoveOn, and Participant Films?

Do you love to win? Take as much pride in seeing 100 marginal improvements add up to major gains as getting the single game-changing idea?

Would you like to work for a company with the most innovative progressive superPAC in the country? One that helped defeat Rep. Allen West and four other Tea Party Republicans in 2012?

We want a leader who can reshape our successful marketing for the new ways in which people search for and share information. Someone who has deep experience in direct response marketing but has proven ways to tap the potential of social media to drive significant revenue growth.
Responsibilities and Requirements

Reporting to our President/CEO, the VP of Marketing is responsible for leading internal teams engaged in customer acquisition, renewal and retention, marketing analytics, and marketing communications for CREDO's mobile cell phone service and other consumer products.

This is not a job for someone who sees themselves as primarily an ideas or strategy person – like every senior position at CREDO it's about (oftentimes obsessively) seeing ideas through to their execution, evaluating exact degrees of success or failure, and then working optimize our successes and understand and avoid repeating our failures.

This IS a job for someone who is already deeply engaged in building a better world. They may have a traditional job but volunteer on electoral campaigns. They might have helped to build an innovative and fast growing social change non-profit, while blending elements of the best of business and non-profits. Whatever they do, they want to win and constantly improve.

A successful applicant will blend the best of direct marketing and progressive advocacy and politics. They will have helped build a large audience for something significant, and done so in a cost-effective and measurable manner. That is, when something important was on the line, you delivered.

You will be fascinated by and fluent in classic direct marketing and in new and emerging technologies. Analytical skills should be a given, just as a strong command of the language appropriate for a highly educated, passionate, progressive community.

This position requires excellent management and leadership skills. Our marketing efforts deserve significant budgets, and you would be leading a team of more than twenty professionals.

8+ years of B2C marketing experience with increasing levels of leadership and responsibilities. However, if you have built several startups and you think your five years of experience is worth more than a dozen years in a legacy industry, we're interested in that, too.

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