Advertising and Sponsorship Coordinator

Apr 18, 2013
May 18, 2013
Mr. Nick Burry
Full Time
The Advertising and Sponsorship Coordinator is an entry-level position on the business side of a growing media company. The ideal employee will be responsible for prospecting ad and sponsorship leads, facilitating pitches, and fulfilling contracts and sponsorship objectives. The Advertising and Sponsorship Coordinator reports to the publisher and top-level sales executives. This is an ideal position for someone passionate about media and events in Brooklyn and NYC.

Job responsibilities:

- Research local and national competition for potential ad and sponsorship leads
- Help prepare sales materials
- Contact potential clients to arrange up high-level sales conversations
- Complete RFPs and help craft proposals
- Work with sales and event team to fulfill advertising and sponsorship packages
- Create sales recaps to share with clients

No prior experience is necessary, but successful applicants will be able to prove their ability to be creative, organized, professional and adaptable.

Note: this is an entry-level position. Please take a look at our different properties/projects here: and include a short cover letter that explains why you think you'd be a good fit for the advertising and sponsorship coordinator position.