Advertising Director

Apr 18, 2013
May 18, 2013
Ms. Human Resources
Full Time
1.Meet and exceed all advertising revenue budgets.
2.Support revenue plans for circulation and book sales.
3.Develop, hire, train, coach and hold accountable a professional and successful
sales team focused sales growth and over the top customer service for both
external and internal customers.
4.Take an active role in developing a digital first sales focus throughout the
Anchorage team.

1.Develop a professional, motivated team of sales people who exceed their and our revenue goals.
2.Launch successful new products with the Anchorage management team, with
includes plans for profitability, execution and accountability.
3.Work closely and collaborate with the national and newspaper advertising directors.
4.Conduct all business and manage your department within Morris company policy.
5.Monitor competitor activity, especially sales, within our markets.
6.Utilize all reporting, monitoring and sales development tools at your disposal.
7.Report consistently and completely to the regional vice president on the
activities of your department.
8.Meet all deadlines for sales, production and reporting.
1.Be a key member of the Anchorage management team, working closely with other
members of the management team and with support teams outside Anchorage,
especially in corporate offices.
2.Take an active part in the financial management of your department, in
particular maintaining revenue plans and controlling expenses.
3.Set a positive, professional and enthusiastic tone in everything you do.
4.Take an active role in the community representing the company in a positive and
professional manner.
1.Work as an active partner with the other Alaska Morris properties, Radio and Newspapers, when cooperative efforts will benefit all concerned.
2.Other duties as assigned by the regional vice president.
1.Base salary TBD
2.Commission based on total revenue compared to goal for all revenue in each product—advertising (print and online), events and circulation.
3.There is no commission below goal; commission rate accelerates beyond goal, so your opportunity is in dramatically exceeding goals.
4.Your commission will be based on total revenue, but your responsibility and focus will be on the advertising elements, not subscriptions and book sales. This is the biggest need for our company and the biggest place for you to make a difference for us and you.
5.Goals will initially be based on budgeted revenue. In the future, you and I may agree upon goals above budget.
6.There will not be commission on house accounts or individual sales you handle, to ensure there’s no question of competition with the members of the sales team for compensation. You need to assign account leadership based on what’s best for the account and the company.