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Apr 23, 2013
May 23, 2013
Ms. Human Resources
Full Time
The Atlantic’s checkers verify every fact to be published in an article from specific details and quotes to larger generalities to ensure that all the details, upon which an article is constructed, are supportable.

Responsibilities Include:

•Working directly with Atlantic writers and editors to make sure all articles are accurate prior to publication. This includes working hand in hand with the authors of our pieces-- reading what they read, talking to their sources, reviewing all of the necessary literature on a given topic, and negotiating all changes/rewrites that need to be made so a piece is ready for publication.
•Checkers will also work with the head of the checking department to solve any legal concerns and alert the editors to any substantive worries as the checking process proceeds.

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate:

•1-2 years checking or editorial research experience preferred
•Commitment to accuracy
•Rigorous attention to detail
•Persistence and resourcefulness in tracking down information/sources
•Must be diplomatic and tactful in dealing with a variety of personalities
•Strong telephone, communication, and interviewing skills
•The ability to work independently
•Must have a genuine love of research
•Must be confident and self-possessed in communicating difficult issues
•A flexible schedule, night and weekend work often required

Core Attributes:

•Force of Ideas - At the center of Atlantic Media work are the ideas within our writing. We believe that ideas – to the good and not – have consequence. Our highest work is bringing rigor, insight, intellectual honesty, to that ultimate purpose of separating the bad from the good, giving voice, argument, and flight to the latter.
•Spirit of Generosity - Atlantic Media seeks in its ranks a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition in each colleague toward service and selfless conduct. Atlantic Media writing should be cut from the same cloth – critical on the merits but informed by charity and forbearance in measuring motive and personal character.

To apply, please visit us at www.atlanticmedia.com.

Atlantic Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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