Associate Director, Digital Media Planning

New York
Apr 26, 2013
May 26, 2013
Eve Stieglitz
Full Time
Our client is the largest technology brand in the world, and a great opportunity for anyone who wants experience in this category. There's top-notch agency talent on the account that you would be rubbing shoulders with cool, innovative and custom work. Beyond that, you would be leading a massive budget with a progressive/willing client who is highly active in the two hottest areas of digital media today: video and social. This is a big year for them as we're the underdog taking on a search giant, and there's a lot of buzz in the category around our efforts to challenge the status quo. Your client will have high expectations of you, but they also have high expectations of themselves. They are eager to fight for great work and will climb into the trenches with you and your team to sell in innovative ideas and first-to-market executions

Position Summary
- The Digital Associate Media Director leads a team of dedicated digital specialists in the vertical pillar areas of Search, Social, Mobile and Content to accelerate digital leadership and drive innovation through breakthrough ideas and strategy. This role works across all SMG communications planning category teams in North America. The Digital Director works closely with the Connection Directors/Connection Associate Directors/CCPs to ensure digital expertise is leveraged throughout the teams.

Desired Skills & Experience

Specific Responsibilities
- Lead team of dedicated specialists across polished, social, video, mobile and content areas and collaborate closely with category leads (Connections Directors, CCPs, Connections Associate Directors)
- Understanding social and video online space: knowledge of digital strategy, how social fits within and how digital fits within offline
- Ensure team has infused digital expertise as they design the link of fluid contact choices and platforms creating experiences
- Educate, push, drive innovation in the teams in these key vertical areas
- Actively advise and consult category teams in development of digital strategies and ideas
- Strong project management: Looking for AMD who'll be able to manage up and down, funnel workload and project timelines; fast-twitch ability to develop plan from beginning to end (brief to strategy to negotiation to activation)
- Identify and create training & development opportunities for the broader teams to ensure digital expertise
- Drive development and implementation of best practices
- Develop robust case studies leveraging both internal and external examples to highlight work
- Understand addressability & targeting and how application in all digital platforms
Strong communication skills: able to handle multiple lines of communication - clients, agencies, partners, internal teams
- Build partnerships and relationships in the search, mobile and social media space with publishers and service / technology providers

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