Apr 29, 2013
May 29, 2013
Christina Flesch
Full Time
IDEO Boston is currently looking for a mid-level writer to add a storytelling component to our design offering.

As a company, we have long been focused in empathic design. We are now looking for people who are equally as passionate and empathic about communicating.

We are looking for people who understand that you can be creative with strategy and strategic with creativity. We are particularly interested in writers with publishing or brand/marketing backgrounds who know how to tell a story in a relevant, resonant way - be it a poem, a video script, a book or a narrative. A diverse ability is a must. Copywriters from advertising and brand agencies are typically better fits for the type of projects we work on.

We are also looking for writers who understand that it is not just about making something sound good. It is about distilling abstract and new-to-the-world ideas into compelling and delightful clarity.

At IDEO we work in multi-disciplinary teams. This means you do a lot of listening, observing, brainstorming and iterating with a group of people with backgrounds very different to yours. Most likely, you've never worked quite this way before. That's okay. Very few of us had before we got here. But now that we're here, we can't imagine working any other way.

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