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May 09, 2013
Jun 08, 2013
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The Production Editor manages all aspects of editorial production from manuscript to bound books for 1-, 2- and sometimes 4-color titles in humanities. These titles may have photo, map, and art programs; in the case of literature anthologies, extremely long texts; and ancillary programs. The production-editorial processes for these books are complex, involving coordinating several threads (e.g., copyediting, design, author relations, development review) on tight, and sometimes conflicting, schedules. The editor maintains the highest level of editorial, production, and design quality of our books; meets schedules; organizes efforts of teams of authors, editors, and freelancers; and controls costs within his/her ability to do so.
Requirements Major Responsibilities:

• Analyzes and evaluates text manuscripts and art programs. Works with Managing Editor to determine content needs (such as art development and rendering and copyediting requirements), and design requirements.
• Independently develops a production-editorial plan appropriate for the project. Works with Managing Editor to adapt production-editorial processes for new technology developments.
• Collaborates with Production Supervisor to create and monitor the schedule and makes revisions as circumstances require.
• Chairs launch meetings; chairs status meetings with Development to ensure that editorial and production requirements are understood and implemented.
• Prepares copyedited text ms for composition; prepares art/map ms for illustrators/cartographers. Both activities require the editor to anticipate and resolve issues that may occur in the composition or illustration processes.
• Checks and approves all stages of proof, revisions, and final files for editorial accuracy and technical correctness. Is the final arbiter in executing corrections.
• Reviews, selects, hires, supervises, and evaluates freelance book designers, length estimators, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, and ancillary desktoppers; makes project-specific assignments based on evaluation of freelancers. May also work with art editors, cartographers, electronic dummiers, photo researchers, and permissions editors. Works with Managing Editor to determine assignments. Determines and negotiates pricing.
• Reviews, selects, hires and manages copyeditors and proofreaders. Coordinates copyediting and proofreader reviews with author and editorial team; reconciles all editorial changes to manuscript and proof. Prepares copyedited text ms for composition; prepares art/map ms for illustrators or cartographers.
• Checks all stages of proof, revisions, and final files to ensure quality standards are maintained. Reconciles all editorial and production changes/corrections to proofs. Editorial accuracy for these projects is exacting. Is the final arbiter in executing corrections.
• Oversees the design process: Prepares the design package for the book designer; manages the stages from layouts through revisions to final design approval; ensures all text elements are designed. Ensures quality standards by evaluating the design on its subjective aesthetic and object technical merits. Monitors schedule.
• Approves type specifications and print codes. Creates specs as needed. Approves compositor sample pages.
• Checks proof for design elements. Reviews dummy if applicable. Directs compositor in remaking pages to ensure better design layout.
• Reviews all stages of cover preparation from copy through mechanicals to printers’ proof in order to assure adherence to quality standards.
• Manages editorial and author team activities.
• Works closely with other in-house staff such as development editors, art directors, the art department, production supervisors, and administrative staff to ensure the project remains on schedule and on budget. Recommends design, schedule, and other changes to the project to solve specific problems, as changed circumstances dictate.
• In addition to freelancers, works closely with authors during the production phases. Communicate instructions for reviewing copyediting and page proofs to authors.
• Works closely with compositors for assigned titles to ensure quality is maintained. Directs compositors with design and paging preferences; monitors correction cycles; maintains composition schedule.

Required Skills / Knowledge:

• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Strong organizational skills to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.
• Ability to prioritize, think critically, and problem solve.
• Familiarity with book design, composition and page layout, and type specs; and an interest in building on design knowledge and skills.
• Willingness to adapt to changing technologies and an increasingly electronic workplace.
• Ability to thrive as a member of a book team.

Experience Needed:

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in college textbook production. Demonstrated editorial skills (copyediting, proofreading) and knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style and The MLA Handbook.
• Book design experience including interpreting and writing type specs; familiarity with InDesign.
• Computer skills such as proficiency in Microsoft Word, including online editing, and Microsoft Excel; knowledge of Adobe Acrobat; Internet skills including ftp software.

Educational Background Required:
• College degree required. Bachelor’s in English, history, or other related humanities field preferred.

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