Senior Media Editor

New York
May 09, 2013
Jun 08, 2013
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Full Time
General Purpose of the job: The senior media editor manages and recommends (in conjunction with the acquisitions editors) the creation and publication of valuable multimedia and ancillary materials that support teaching and learning. Instructors and students use these resources to enrich the learning experience and ease the teaching process. In addition, the senior media editor is expected to manage major projects and relationships independently, including financial marketing efforts. Depending on the structure of the media editorial group, the senior media editor is often charged with managing one or more assistant, associate media editor, and/or media editor.

• Selecting, hiring, negotiating with, managing, and corresponding with vendors about projects and tasks that are currently or about to be underway. Planning, initiating, and overseeing projects (e.g., discussing project scope and establishing specifications; supplying edits to art or manuscript that is being programmed or set by a vendor and/or relaying the edits of involved freelancers, authors, and/or Central Media personnel; resolving questions that result from edit changes and handling budgeting and billing issues).

• Identifying, hiring, negotiating with, managing, and corresponding with authors and freelancers about projects and tasks that are currently or about to be underway and providing quality control on their deliverables. Overseeing all phases of project, e.g., distributing the page proof, manuscript, and/or materials that are needed for them to do their jobs, providing written instructions, placing them in direct contact with freelance project managers and/or vendors (if necessary), answering questions they have throughout the process, reviewing their work and ensuring that they have followed instructions and met company quality standards, and formatting their manuscript for turnover to Central Media or Print Production.

• Attending status and exploratory meetings with Central Media, Editorial, and Marketing; assessing user needs; and making recommendations and/or changes to scheduling and content based on information obtained.

• Responding to inquiries and requests from marketing and sales regarding her projects, either via email or phone.

• Development and research. E.g., reviewing existing products and ensuring they are up to date and continue to meet quality standards; overseeing their upkeep; investigating our competitors’ media and supplements offerings; making suggestions/recommendations based on information gathered; and meeting with editorial colleagues to discuss new ventures.

• Managing an editorial assistant shared by the four psychology media editors.

A Senior Media Editor should have at least four years of prior editorial experience in college publishing and should have been a media editor during at least two of those years. Project management experience is preferable. The individual should be highly organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated, with superior verbal and written communication skills and an awareness of current media trends in publishing and secondary education.

College Degree: BA/BS

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