Sr. Director

May 21, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
Melissa Ngo
Full Time
Overall Responsibilities
The candidate will manage and lead the network Directing team for high profile and primary shows on The Weather Channel, delivering "network-level" on-air results.

This position is a Team Leader role that will act as the primary point of contact to orchestrate the creative vision, trouble shoot, make critical thinking decisions, act as creative lead and resolve production questions.

The position requires an experienced director that has directing experience with a large
market station, (inter)national broadcaster or (inter)national cable facility. The Sr. Director will partner with Network Leadership, Show Producers, Executive Producers and talent on a daily basis to develop and sculpt show ideas, thinking through execution logistics and pursuing ways to enhance and improve the production value of network programming.

The candidate will have management responsibility for the network directing team; the authority to alter team schedules as needed and will administer regularly scheduled show performance evaluations to drive staff development and team building. The candidate must have excellent communication skills with the ability to "call" a show in a clear, efficient manner that can be followed by all, and maintain control of the production team and the show.

Manager Responsibilities
* Coach and manage staff Directors and production teams.
* Deliver high production value, setting 'network-level' standards in projects across the network through training and leadership of the staff Directors and Technical Directors.
* Oversee creative and directorial production of TWC programming, specifically the high profile shows.
* Work with management to lead Directing team and production crew development and team building.
* Be available via cell phone, as first point of contact, to address issues as needed.
* Resolve personnel, production or team issues and guarantee coverage while maintaining normal duties.
* Make any necessary schedule changes to maintain required Production Control coverage for programming.
* Partner with team members to effectively share techniques and skills to strengthen the skills of the team as a whole.
* Lead the implementation, training and procedural development of existing and new personnel and equipment for the team.
* Participate in development of ideas and implementation of process improvements for Director / TDs.
* Address any lighting or scenic issues from concept to execution and make necessary studio changes.
* Maintain close contact with Engineer On Duty to report and follow up on equipment issues.
* Perform regular performance evaluations and communicate, one on one, with directing team and production crew.
* Keep proper documentation of crew performance throughout year and contribute to directing team's and production crew's Mid-year and End of Year Personal Performance Reviews.
* Work closely with appropriate Manager to prepare for current or future crew and/or programming changes.

Director Responsibilities
* Directing live and taped shows, as well as pre-production and post-production sessions from a production control room or post suite, delivering high production value and "network-level" on air results, stand up new shows as developed.
* Deliver high production value, "network-level" standards on assigned projects across the network by establishing best practices with production teams.
* Review show rundowns prior to productions with Executive Producers, Producers, Talent, On-Camera Meteorologists, and Production Tech team communicating rundown changes, show needs, script changes, crew performance expectations, etc.
* Block studio camera shots to meet the demands of the show, demonstrating a progressive approach via the blocking to add value to on air results.
* Be able to direct all show elements taking full advantage of the capabilities of the production switchers along with available graphic production devices.
* Be able to identify and critique high production value, 'network-level' lighting and sound design.
* Be able to operate iNEWS or similar system; accessing and marking rundowns, scripts, and communicating changes to production team.
* Give clear, concise cues to all Production Tech team members.
* Provide pre and post-show performance feedback and critiques as needed.
* Provide performance feedback on Production Tech team members to Studio Manager.
* Manage during-show communications with Talent and production team.
* Report outcome of show via Director Show Report after every show.
* Report equipment problems and discrepancies to Manager and to Engineering Dept. via in-house system.
* Will be responsible for other duties as required and/or assigned.
Experience Qualifications
* 15+ years Broadcast or Cable TV Production Experience preferred, including creating and standing up new programs.
* 8+ years of management experience required.
* Good time management/leadership/people skills required.
* Degree in Communications or Broadcasting related field preferred.
* Knowledge of variety of production control room, studio and remote operations.

Knowledge / Skill Requirements
* Must have excellent working knowledge of production/broadcast environment.
* Must demonstrate strong technical knowledge of all traditional production control room and studio equipment with the ability to understand, trouble shoot and resolve equipment issues.
* Demonstrated basic understanding of job responsibilities and operations for all Production Control Room team members.
* Excellent multi-tasking skills.
* Excellent time management skills, and the ability to effectively manage operational resources.
* Good organizational skills and demonstrated attention to detail.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with demonstrated ability to work well with other people in a team-oriented environment.
* Ability to make smart decisions and adapt to changes, especially under fast paced, stressful conditions.
* Problem-solving skills and the ability to apply them to improve organizational and technical effectiveness.
* Above average computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite apps, and ability to learn and utilize Google business apps.
* Demonstrated can-do attitude to accomplish tasks.
* As this position supports a 24x7 news/weather environment, candidates must have flexibility to work days, nights, overnights and weekends as needed and without advance notice.

Behavior Requirements
* Unquestionably high ethical standards.
* Customer-focused and team player mentality.
* Flexible and adaptable attitude in an ever-changing environment.
* Ability to get along well with others, willing and able to deal with a diverse cultural & customer base on numerous types of challenging situations.
* Interest in learning as well as teaching, and developing skills in others.
* Ability to interact effectively horizontally; through TWC as needed, working closely and collaboratively with multiple departments and management.

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