Video Producer

Los Angeles
May 21, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
Ms. HR Coordinator
Full Time
Position Summary: The Video Director / Producer will report to Vice President - Digital, and will be responsible for overseeing the production and delivery of Full Picture's digital video content?

Key Responsibilities:
*Work with the editorial teams on the creation of web ideas
*Prepare budgets when required
*Prepare program treatments, pitch documents and outlines
*Work with partners on the portal, agency and brand sides of the business as required
*Pre-production coordination: Book freelance crew and order production equipment
*Location scouting and booking
*Organization of segment breakdowns, call sheets, etc.
*Directing on set: Coaching and directing on-camera talent
*Direction and supervision of camera, lighting, styling, set design, still photo and audio departments
*Screening/Hiring of freelance editors
*Supervising edits of in-house and external editors
*Communication of project status to internal and external stakeholders

Skill & Requirements:
*You must have 4-5 years of relevant work experience.
*You must have hands-on experience producing web programming for the major portals.
*You are familiar with and have extensive contacts within the web production community.
*The ability to work independently and adhere to deadlines are your strong suits.
*You combine your creative instinct with an understanding of the business metrics of the web.
*Hands-on production experience, not just supervision.
*You solve problems.
*You are entrepreneurial, smart, and passionate.
*If you don't know something, you say so. Then go figure it out quickly.
*You naturally go the extra mile.
*You thrive in a fast-paced work environment, readily adapting to continually changing priorities and aggressive project timeframes.
*You give credit to others where credit is due and take responsibility for misses when they rest with you.
*Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Budgeting Software and Photoshop
*Basic knowledge of camera operations
*Familiarity of post procedures and scheduling
*Strong communication and interpersonal skills with individuals and groups, both written and oral

No phone calls, please.

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