Associate Producer, Suze Orman Show

Englewood Cliffs
May 22, 2013
Jun 21, 2013
Ms. Jaclyn Sabatelli
Associate Producer
Reports to EP & Supervising producer
Assists EP, Senior and Segment/Guest Producer in production of the show & expansion of the show online.
Responsible for daily postings online of video clips and/or stories.
Responsible for researching supporting materials needed for segments.
Responsible for contacting callers each week to let them know they are on the show.
Responsible for all dubbings & transcribing.
Responsible for archiving shows/clips/transcripts
Responsible for getting the show ready for taping and production: including gathering tapes, labeling tapes, gathering needed props, research.
Social media savvy with experience with desktop editing/tape producing
Experience with research and archiving

*small team so flexibility in doing anything and everything appreciated!