DevOps Engineer

Mountain View
May 31, 2013
Jun 30, 2013
Full Time
We are seeking a talented and motivated DevOps Engineer to join our unique DevOps team. The team's mission is to architect, build, scale, and maintain automated tools & frameworks that support multiple cloud based environments.

You will help create and maintain the best and most advanced Mobile Voice/Video/Text and Social infrastructure in the industry. You will be working with state-of-the-art and emerging technologies and amazingly smart people to help improve and scale the global product offering.

You are curious about cloud computing (private & public), how Linux boots up, executes processes, networking, and handles I/O. You don't just learn how things work, you learn why. Understanding how systems work at a fundamental level is a passion of yours. You are motivated to grow and you are a fast learner.


* Strong desire to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment where you have a lot of responsibilities and see immediate impact of your efforts.
* Expert knowledge of Linux / Unix systems.
* Significant programming experience in Python and Shell Scripts.
* You love efficiency and find smart ways to automate tasks for you and your team.
* Exceptional ability and motivation to solve problems and learn fast.


* Software development background is a big plus.
* Knowledge of Hybrid Cloud Solutions (VMWare and Amazon Cloud) with hands on experience in direct API integration.
* Some experience with Puppet or Chef.
* Experience programming in Java, Ruby.
* Previous experience as an OPS/Sys Admin team member.
* Systems & Application Security background.
* Knowledge of Orchestration & Virtualization Frameworks.
* A GitHub account with some cool projects in it.
* Experienced in developing custom solutions for systems monitoring, deployments, continuous integration, etc.
* Solid understanding of systems monitoring, alerting and analytics (NewRelic, Cactai, Graphite, Log Stash, Nagios, Ganglia etc.).
* Experience with production systems and dealing with production issues.

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