Senior Editor, Sport Fishing

Winter Park
Jun 07, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
Ms. Bonnier Recruitment
Full Time
SENIOR EDITOR, Sport Fishing

Reports to the editor-in-chief, Sport Fishing.

Sport Fishing is seeking a full-time senior editor who will work as part of an established, cohesive editorial staff across multiple channels and platforms.


To Provide Content for Print

Write or edit several columns/departments each issue.

Write one or two features per issue.

Initiate brand-appropriate ideas for new content.

Ensure the availability of high-quality photos and illustrations to supplement text.

Contribute high-quality photos per on-site opportunities.

To Provide Content for the Website

Lead and/or assist in major projects.

Write bylined news items as opportunities arise.

Write a regular, bylined blog.

Seek/compile photo galleries.

File reports from major events for website and Facebook.

Post original videos.

Ensure Quality of Content

Peer-review colleagues’ print and online submissions

Proof/approve pages during production

Work with art director to optimize layouts

Use/follow established style guide.


Well-versed in the sport of saltwater fishing and boating, preferably with multiple regions and fisheries (an understanding of the industry as well as critical management issues a plus).

Minimum of an appropriate bachelor’s degree presumed; education may vary with experience.

Full-time editorial experience desirable.

Comfortable using Apple or Windows platforms, Adobe CS6 and some knowledge of CMS (especially Drupal).

Experience with professional still photography and/or videography.

Strong research capabilities and interview skills.

Accepts/embraces deadlines.

Willing and able to travel, participate in the sport, document that, and represent the brand professionally

Please include resume.

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