Associate Content Editor

Jun 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013
Erin Roush
Full Time
F+W Media/Adams Media is looking for an Associate Content Editor to join its acquisitions team. The qualified editor would acquire titles across a number of non-fiction categories, looking for projects that have strong commercial appeal for the trade, digital, and
specialty markets. Candidates should have experience in trade publishing and a
passion for the industry and innovation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Acquire 28-30 titles per year. The titles will be a combination of projects received from outside contacts as well as in-house generated ideas, all thoroughly vetted for quality and researched to prove marketability.

2. Negotiate contract terms with authors and agents.

3. Construct and develop 10-12 per year by repurposing company-owned content into new products.

4. Work with the author and development team throughout the writing process to carry that vision through and ensure the manuscript is submitted on deadline.

5. Oversee the manuscript through the editorial and production process, and champion the project to the Sales and Marketing Departments.

6. Work with authors to utilize their traditional and online platforms to reach audiences before and after a book's release.

7. Continue to investigate current and emerging trends within and outside the book industry. Be willing to take on new initiatives as they come up, and always be on the lookout for the next great initiative.

Other Skills and Abilities:
- Bachelor's degree
- 3 to 5 years of experience
- Must be able to meet tight deadlines.
- Must be a strong innovator, product developer, communicator, editor, and writer.
- Must be sales/marketplace-driven, with strong market research and analysis skills.
- Must be creative and collaborative.
- Must be familiar with SEO research, Google Analytics, and other trend-discovery tools.
- Existing author and agent contacts preferred.
- Must be comfortable working and editing on a Mac
- Proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications