Feature Writer Fulltime

New York
Jun 19, 2013
Jul 19, 2013
Caroline Hatchett
Digital Media
Full Time
Job Description:

StarChefs is growing and is looking for a full-time features writer to join our team. This is not a freelance position and is ONLY available to someone who can work full-time in our New York office.

What we want:

A features writer responsible for coming up with ideas for features with a professional slant and independently researching, writing, and publishing them on our food industry web magazine. Along with the writing comes tasting, traveling, photographing, interviewing, editing, and more.

What you'll be doing:

Writing, researching, planning, and going on at least 3 editorial trips a year that involve chef tastings, intelligent analysis of food, and interviewing professional chefs. These tastings are the heart of our Rising Star Chef Awards and generate the bulk of the editorial content for our website.

What you'll need to do it:

- Strong writing and editing skills and at least 1 year of experience in features writing. You'll be researching, writing, editing, and publishing features regularly.

- Strong food background; you will be editing recipes and therefore need experience in a professional kitchen or have attended culinary school. If you don't have actual culinary experience we will consider you for an internship only. We do regularly hire interns for full-time paid positions.

- Photography experience is useful; we take our own professional quality photos on tastings and in chefs' kitchens. Access to pro camera equipment (and beautiful food to photograph) is a big job perk.

- Some experience with foreign languages is useful; you'll be communicating with international chefs most often French and Spanish-speaking, but also occasionally Italian and Japanese.

- Attention to detail, dedication and passion, a loud voice, the ability to work as a team player in a fast-paced, often hectic, environment, and a sense of humor to fit in with our young, casual, but very hardworking office.

- A willingness to travel (travel is required!), stamina to get through our tasting trips usually involving 5 tastings a day for 5 days straight, and good organizational skills when planning trips with our editor-in-chief.

About us:

StarChefs.com is a focused yet relaxed, non-corporate company with a high-energy office dynamic and a food-centric office culture. If you're they type of person who needs and "in-box" of paperwork and memos on your desk, this is not the position for you, but if your dream is to be on the forefront of the culinary scene working with chefs around the country, then we'd love to meet you!


We are a small independent magazine no big corporate pay checks here. We do however have a great office, great team of about 20 full-time employees, no bureaucracy or corporate politics here. You want freedom to pursue stories you want to write about. You will get that here.

What's next:

DON'T just send us your resume. Check out our website and tell us why you are the best candidate for the job. Please include salary requirements in cover letter. No applicant will be considered without a detailed cover letter that explicitly references your connection to and experience with food and writing.

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