News Editor

Beverly Hills
Jun 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Laurie Luh
Digital Media
Full Time
•Oversee all content for TakePart’s “In the News” channel, which presents the day’s events and news stories with a social-relevance angle.
•Ensure consistency of voice and distribution of content across topics including Environment, Wildlife, Human Rights, Education, and Food Policy.
•Write and/or assign and/or edit approximately 10 posts per day
•Manage writers and contributors
•Ensure that all content within vertical is written in an entertaining voice consistent with TakePart’s smart, engaging, open-minded, occasionally humorous take on current events, and socially relevant issues
•Support sales programs, social action campaigns, and other partnerships and special series
•Work with photo editor to source compelling images to accompany posts and stories
•Optimize all content for SEO and social media
•Strong editing, writing, management and copyediting skills required

Must include Salary Requirements

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