Senior Account Executive

Metropolitan New York
Jun 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013
Mr. Company Publisher
Part Time
We are looking for freelance salespeople to take on customized opportunities in any of our divisions. Our independent sales professionals work specific territories or categories and do NOT compete with our full time staff or other independent producers. Your area is protected. These positions offer great flexibility as you control your income and work your own schedule. Our needs are for professionals throughout the metropolitan region. Presently, we are looking for people in Manhattan and the suburbs, but have opportunities for talented people in many areas. We especially need people in our luxury categories.

If you are an experienced media sales professional and want an opportunity that offers flexibility with an established, stable company send us a resume and what your interest is. We have people who have worked in these roles for many years and it has been a perfect arrangement.

Send a resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience as well as your areas of interest.