Guides Senior Editor

San Francisco
Jul 02, 2013
Aug 01, 2013
Breanna Rhoades
Full Time
AFAR is looking for a guides senior editor with a curious combination of management experience, editorial acument, strong communication skills, attention to detail, technical proficiency, and love of travel. In this position, you will be creating digital city guides for AFAR partners on a tight deadline.
Essential duties:
- Oversee creation of city guides for AFAR partners
- Provide editorial guidance and quality control
- Provide location research and data collection
- Write content where needed
- Assist with initial content selection of city guides
- Assist with communications: interact with local experts and encourage content uploads

Desired skillset and qualifications:
- At least 6 years’ experience writing and editing for the web
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented work environment
- Ease with Excel
- Editorial background
- Familiarity with
- Curiosity, enthusiasm, confidence, and professional maturity
- A love for journalism, online content and a passion for travel
- Strong sense of humor

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