Director of Content Velocity

Jul 08, 2013
Aug 07, 2013
Ms. Erni Bridges
Full Time
McMURRY/TMG, based in New York, NY (with offices in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, AZ) is the largest independent content marketing agency in the U.S., seeks to hire an exceptional Director of Content Velocity.

If you want a gig that has a to-do list written in stone, stop reading now. This is not your next career move.

But if you are brave enough to jump onto a rocket ship midflight, get your hands on the navigation system and help direct us to the promised land, you should probably keep reading. This just might be the job of your dreams. It just might define your career.

Successful candidates will have passion and a deep appreciation for:

Content: You answer any question about your favorite book/movie/website/magazine/band with a top-5 list because it's too hard to settle on just one. You respect journalism as an art and science and you don't fast-forward through the ads on TV because you're curious to see how brands are presenting themselves. You read voraciously and you're driven by curiosity. You experiment, you're inventive and you roll your eyes at buzzwords (but you totally understand why they're necessary). You are a student of pop culture and you're never satisfied with what you know because you know there's more out there that you don't yet know.

Digital: You understand the attention economy. You actually just closed Reddit in your browser because you're looking for the next big thing in your career (okay fine, you just opened up a new tab to search while you browse r/new). You have a gut instinct for what will work in social and what will get downvoted to oblivion. You understand SEO and you think black hat is unfashionable, regardless of circumstances. You know that adding value is the best way to earn attention on the web and you're creative enough to constantly come up with new ways to do that. You get offended by emails that are one giant image. You can't believe XYZ brand just sent out such a boring subject line. You find it alarming that people are still begging for links with "Dear Webmaster" emails. You know that links, mentions and relevance are not bought, but earned-daily. You wish you worked for a company that "just gets it." You want to take your social game to the next level.

Brand: While you might not be the tightest ship, you're also not a loose cannon. You understand that serving brands is a privilege. Though you know that to serve the brand you ultimately must serve the audience, you are patient, caring, and realize that brands have a lot on the line and aren't just going to risk it all on some crazy idea (unless it's crazy enough to work). You understand journalism, but you understand marketing. And you're comfortable at the intersection of the two.

Analytics: While you love the written word, you don't seize up at the sight of a spreadsheet. In fact, you kind of love Excel. And PowerPoint. And bar graphs. And data tables. You realize that they are powerful tools: to deliver insights that inform strategies, to create graphs that justify your ideas to the trustees of the bottom line in the board room. You crunch numbers in your sleep and obsess over details. You can interpret data and provide analysis that bridges science and art. You know your way around Google Analytics and see nuances that will lead to better click rates. You're creative but your creativity is supported by logic.

*Operationalize and optimize department processes and procedures. Help to establish and improve upon protocol-make our best practices even better
*Solve workflow issues as they arise and manage resource planning
*Collaborate with and manage growing team of social/digital content professionals actively executing on branded content campaigns
*Participate in weekly newsroom meetings for each brand we serve with digital content programs
*Monitor, review and optimize analytics in the context of each program
*Account for audience growth for each program, working in conjunction with the lead social journalists
*Interface with clients and act as strategic partner in audience development and program growth
*Pitch new business and create strategic vision for individual programs and department
*Grow revenue for and optimize profitability of individual programs and department
*Recruit, retain and manage talent across digital programs
*Communicate proactively to SVP, Strategy, regarding program status updates, wins, challenges, and opportunities

*Deep knowledge of SEO, social media, email marketing, link-building and content partnerships
*Understanding of content marketing with experience in media or agency setting
*Experience managing digital programs including audience development, forging partner relationships, and establishing revenue streams
*Strong grasp of analytics, performance metrics and campaign tracking
*Excellent communication skills, both oral and written; ability to present and lead discussion
*Problem solver with ability to listen, assess, and quickly respond and react to challenges in real time

The ideal candidate:
*Has experience running a successful digital content program (or multiple programs)
*Loves the internet. Loves people. Loves content. Loves working.
*Read through this entire description and is still amped.

We're building something incredibly exciting here at McMURRY/TMG, and we're ready to take it to the next level. We want to find a leader who is willing to think big and value small. Someone who isn't afraid to take charge but isn't afraid to get dirty hands. We want someone who leads by example but is humbled by great ideas, regardless of where they come from. Someone who is a team player and in it for the long haul. Someone you'd want to work with.

Sound like you? Then please, apply here. We'd love to meet you.

McMURRY/TMG offers a collaborative, entrepreneurial, high energy culture. We have excellent employee and client retention. This is a great opportunity to work for a firm with a quality reputation and the smartest staff in content marketing.

Excellent salary and benefits. We invite you to explore our Web site and take a closer look at who we are and what we offer. to submit your cover letter and resume (go to: who we are > working here > opportunities).

Include cover letter & samples of work.