Enterprise Graphics Specialist (Graphics Editor)

New York
Jul 11, 2013
Aug 10, 2013
Full Time

Position Description: We are seeking a newsroom developer to build data visualizations that have a long life and become destinations within our sites. These interactives would not always be tied to news events; they would focus on topics and proprietary databases that are useful to subscribers of WSJ.com and DJX. The target audience would be investors, traders, managers and officials who want to explore and analyze data to help them make business decisions. This position will be based in New York.

Position Requirements: The ideal candidate would have a proven track record of original approaches to complex data visualizations. The candidate would also be able to demonstrate a high level of expertise in front-end data-visualization libraries such as d3, Raphael, or Highcharts. On the back end they should know MySQL and PHP. Familiarity with Python and various flavors of NoSQL databases are big pluses.

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