News Editor - The Atlantic Wire

New York
Jul 12, 2013
Aug 11, 2013
Ms. Human Resources
Digital Media
Full Time
The Atlantic Wire is seeking a news editor with a passion for breaking news and strong news judgment who will oversee our growing team of news writers (currently at four), set our daily news agenda, direct coverage of the top stories of the news cycle, and ensure we are using social media effectively to reach our readers.

Responsibilities Include:

•Monitoring news across social networks, the web, and television
•Determining news priorities, assigning stories, editing copy
•Directing the home page presentation
•Planning coverage of major news events
•Overseeing social media efforts

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate:

•Obsessed with the news cycle and following breaking items
•Comfortable in high-pressure situations
•Excellent communicator
•Experienced working in a fast-paced, high-volume digital newsroom
•Eager to innovate better ways to help our readers understand what is happening in the world in a crowded and fragmented media environment

This job is based in The Atlantic Wire's New York City office.

Core Attributes:

•Force of Ideas - At the center of Atlantic Media work are the ideas within our writing. We believe that ideas – to the good and not – have consequence. Our highest work is bringing rigor, insight, intellectual honesty, to that ultimate purpose of separating the bad from the good, giving voice, argument, and flight to the latter.
•Spirit of Generosity - Atlantic Media seeks in its ranks a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition in each colleague toward service and selfless conduct. Atlantic Media writing should be cut from the same cloth – critical on the merits but informed by charity and forbearance in measuring motive and personal character.

To apply, please visit

Atlantic Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Atlantic Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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