Editorial Director

Jul 19, 2013
Aug 18, 2013
Ms. Human Resources
Full Time
•Manage editorial team to ensure content needs of HCPLive and Physician’s Money Digest are met
•Coordinate with sales team to develop content for all sponsored initiatives, including Resource Centers, Conference 360 programs, Peer Exchange videos, and other projects
•Work with Digital Team to upgrade website functionality to improve metrics, user experience, and sales viability
•Coordinate with other lead editors to cross-publish appropriate content from other MJH Associates properties
•Develop relationships with physician KOLs to provide high-quality content and editorial guidance

Specific components:
•Ensure HCPLive Assistant Editor populates site with HealthDay news and articles throughout the day -- spot check formatting; proofread headlines, deks, text, etc; spot check keyword tagging to ensure article are propagated throughout all applicable areas of site
•Assign topics to Asst. Editor for articles and updates to Resource Centers, Product News, etc
•Edit articles written by Asst. Editor before posting
•Ensure Asst. Editor posts new bimonthly issues of Cardiology Review when files are received from offsite editor, spot check/proof content
•Ensure Asst. Editor posts new content for Resident & Staff Physician, Surgical Rounds, and Family Practice Certification when files are received from offsite section editors, spot check/proof content
•Work with editor of Physician’s Money Digest to identify suitable topics for articles and features, spot check/edit new content, review test copies of daily eDigests, identify potential collaborators/writers/partners; develop ideas for new content and features

Resource Centers
•Create new resource center pages in CMS on an as-needed basis
•Populate with links to resources, event info, etc.
•Regularly write new articles and updates to ensure there is enough new content to populate sponsored eDigests
•Compile content into text for eDigest, write headlines/text blurbs/subject lines, and send to projects team for eDigest assembly

Conference 360 programs:
•Liaise with sales team to ensure Conference 360 calendar is up to date and all client requests regarding number of days of coverage, eDigests, content requests and/or restrictions are known and prepared for
•Create a landing page for the conference and populate with information about the conference
•Work with Art Dept. to create banners and slider images for conference
•Identify potential freelancers who live in city where conference is held (use current roster of 90+ freelance contacts, or submit job ad through the Hitt List e-newsletter)
•Secure freelancer and outline expectations, deliverables, fee, etc. Draft assignment letter if needed.
•Review conference program to identify posters/abstracts, sessions, presentations, press conferences, etc for coverage by the freelancer. Identify priority coverage and alternates.
•Edit drafts of articles from freelancer on the morning of the day following day of coverage (ie, coverage of sessions on a Monday are delivered by 10:00am Tuesday morning for editing)
•Post edited conference coverage articles to the website, with appropriate image
•Compile the day’s coverage into text for eDigest, write headlines/text blurbs/subject lines, and send to projects team for eDigest assembly
•Edit test versions of eDigest and sign off before live copies are sent to audience

HCPLive troubleshooting & content development
•Work with digital team to identify and correct bugs, broken functionality, etc
•Work with digital team and other editors to propose upgrades and/or additions to site to improve functionality, reader experience, and site metrics
•Identify and solicit physicians and other experts to write articles for site focusing on key topics within specialties covered
•Identify suitable article topics and assign to freelance writers
•Work with editors in other department to identify content from other MJH Associates websites that are suitable for cross-posting to HCPLive
•Identify and solicit physician KOLs within each specialty to serve as editorial advisors
•Work with members of digital team and digital projects to ensure banner ad campaigns are performing and meeting numbers
•Work with sales team and physician KOLs to develop content outlines for Peer Exchange programs in chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and other therapeutic areas
•After Peer Exchange programs are filmed, post video segments to HCPLive and ensure eDigests are pushed out with new content
•Work with editorial team to identify and solicit physician experts to film video Q&As and other segments

Please include a cover letter detailing your experience and salary requirement and e-mail to: humanresource@mdmag.com.

No recruiters, please.

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