Web Development Engineer - AWS Identity & Access

Jul 22, 2013
Aug 08, 2013
Full Time
We provide developers and their organizations with the building blocks necessary for designing highly robust and scalable web services that help them innovate faster and operate their infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. These services range from structured storage, content delivery to on-demand compute capacity and more.

The AWS Identity and Access team is building next generation identity management service that supports all AWS offerings like S3, EC2, and DynamoDB. We are rapidly innovating ways of building massively scalable distributed security systems involving identity management, federation, web services security, single sign on, and much more.

We want to build world class user experience for these features and we are looking for a seasoned web development engineer. You will be expected to work in a heterogeneous environment of different languages and technologies and bring flexibility, speed and quality to our team. You should have knowledge of user experience design, hands on programming experience in web application development, mastery of markup, styling and an incredible eye for detail.

**For more information on Amazon Web Services please go to http://aws.amazon.com/ **

- 4+ years of experience in HTML, Javascript or CSS.
- 2+ years of experience in JavaScript development.
- Solid understanding of best coding practices including design, unit testing, and peer code-reviews

- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science or related degree
- Demonstrated experience developing dynamic client-side interfaces using complex JavaScript frameworks
- Experience with agile software development practices
- OO design and coding skills
- General knowledge of GWT


If interested, please apply online at http://track.tmpservice.com/ApplyClick.aspx?id=1863186-2015-3996