Data & Machine Learning Scientist

Jul 22, 2013
Aug 09, 2013
Full Time

Position Responsibilities:
· Research and implement novel experimental design and measurement methodologies
· Leverage petabyte scale data in strategic analysis for new monetization strategies, products and business directions
You will thrive on implementing creative approaches and dealing with the intricate complexity of designing multivariate experiments and analyzing large quantities of data. You will challenge yourself and others to constantly come up with better solutions that impact the direction of the entire industry.

Because that is what we want to do - we're going to change the way that customers discover and research products online and how companies understand and interact with their customers. Along the way, we're going to face seemingly impossible problems. We're going to argue about how to solve them, and we'll work together to find a solution that is superior to each of the proposals we came in with. We'll be the dream team.

Ready for the challenge? This is what we are looking for in broad strokes.

  • PhD focused on Statistical/Machine Learning in Computer Science or Statistics or related disciplines with domain knowledge and experience in the following areas:
- Statistics, machine learning, data mining
- Algorithms , optimization, auction theory
- Theory and practice of online advertising
- If interested, please apply online at;273483969;99573125;f?