Digital Content Editor, B2B Jewelry Retail Brand

New York
Jul 22, 2013
Aug 21, 2013
Ms. Erni Bridges
Full Time
McMURRY/TMG, the largest independent content marketing agency in the U.S., based in New York, N.Y. (with offices in Washington, D.C., Saratoga, N.Y., and Phoenix), seeks to hire a Digital Content Editor to oversee the daily management, curation, creation, and social distribution and management of a digital presence for an industry-leading B2B jewelry retail brand.

We’re an award-winning site founded on a 144-year-old heritage as the publication of record in our industry. We’re also savvy enough to know what we don't know. We understand that our organization needs a body of experience it currently lacks, especially as we look to future challenges. If you’re ready to take charge of a fast-growing digital operation, but the job you have now can’t accommodate your ambitions, here’s an opportunity to take your career to the next level.

This position will direct the media brand’s digital presence, engaging with audience members and the product’s editorial team, packaging content and developing enterprising features for the website, and serving as online community host to the brand’s current and targeted audience. This position will be located in our New York Office.
Successful candidates will have a passion and deep appreciation for:

You believe that compelling content lies at the heart of every digital experience. You’re a voracious reader—of blogs, books, and magazines, to be sure, but also of labels, catalogs, and packaging—but you know that the written word requires some finessing when it’s rendered across different channels. You know that the only thing better than a well-written story that’s been reported with integrity is one that has been packaged with intelligence.

You’ll be our ambassador to the digital community, and will be tasked with attending conferences to bring cutting-edge and best-in-class digital knowledge into the organization. We’ll look to you to develop the big ideas that pique the interest of our audience members and the online franchises that shape the way we interact with them.

You know what it takes to earn clicks, authentically. You’re an eager student of SEO best practices, and you’re a whiz at Google Analytics. You understand that every editorial decision rests on a foundation of metrics.

Attention to Detail
You know the difference between it’s and its, and you feel a tiny bit outraged every time you see them used incorrectly.

The Written Word
Last but not least, you believe in the transformative power of great writing—and you understand that a news publication’s reputation is only as good as its latest story. You’re dedicated to ensuring that the copy you oversee passes quality control, be it a groundbreaking piece of reportage or a quick hit news brief. When you’re called on to create content, you’re skilled at reporting the story quickly and efficiently, without compromising its accuracy. You’re a great writer, an astute editor, and a clever headline writer with a sixth sense for snappy copy.

Job duties:
•Scour the leading retail, business, technology, and economic trend websites to aggregate, curate, and write stories for a daily website targeted at B2B retail store owners
•Collaborate with editorial staff to ensure site is creating must-read features, developing strong social media relationships, and continuing to innovate to beat the competition and enthrall the audience
•Post content to the web in accordance with McMURRY/TMG SEO and social prep best practices
•Ensure digital products are quality, from every pixel to pageview
•Write and schedule posts on social media platforms and engage in real-time on behalf of the brand
•Aggregate and curate content from existing content sources; manage relationships with bloggers
•Monitor and engage with our audience on various social media platforms
•Develop and package new ideas to drive traffic to the website
•Oversee daily email newsletter product in conjunction with a web producer
•Manage performance analytics of content, social platforms, email, and website
•Work with editor-in-chief and publisher to create signature content packages that serve audience and business needs

In summary, we’re looking for someone with strong writing and organizational skills, familiarity with social media engagement and interaction, a yes attitude, and an entrepreneurial hunger to create buzz and drive traffic day in, day out for a fast-paced B2B retail media brand.

McMURRY/TMG offers a collaborative, entrepreneurial, high energy culture. We have excellent employee and client retention. This is a great opportunity to work for a firm with a quality reputation and the smartest staff in content marketing.

Excellent salary and benefits. We invite you to explore our Web site and take a closer look at who we are and what we offer. to submit your cover letter and resume (go to: who we are > working here > opportunities).

Include cover letter.