CMS and Usability Senior Project Manager

Jul 23, 2013
Aug 22, 2013
Ms. Amanda Datson
Full Time
Basic Responsibilities:
•Manage/Oversee the implementation of editorial emails/web content into the in-house system.
•Design and build a user-friendly CMS interface with a focus on clean design and functionality.
•Oversee the overhaul of the entire application to improve usability.
•Design mock-ups, documents and technical documentation to create a platform for future implementations.
•Responsible for the development and implementation of the CMS portion of the in-house system.

Skills Required:
•Must have prior experience working with the following: SQL Databases, HTML, Javascript, Photoshop, Wordpress, etc.
•Experience implementing UI/UX principles to improve system processes and interface.
•Ability to adhere to tight deadlines as well as the ability to focus on long-term priorities.
•Strong leadership skills

We are looking for someone who can wear multiple hats and help take our company’s software to the next level of productive design and functionality.

Please send your cover letter and resume to the link provided.