Jul 25, 2013
Aug 24, 2013
Heather Ottem
Full Time
You have a good book. One or two years experience. But you also have the natural curiosity, passion for great ideas, and growing talent as a writer/communicator to take that next step and turn that “good” book into a downright killer book.

Your CDs and ACDs marvel at your enthusiasm, concepting skill, collaborative nature, and persistence to get involved everywhere, anywhere. You eagerly dive into the big stuff while never cutting corners on the little stuff. You can clearly articulate the who, what, where, how and why of a brand or assignment that lead to only the strongest ideas, and even have a knack for objectively self-editing before showing those not-so-strong ideas internally.

You realize that the days of JUST doing big television, or calling account people “suits,” or taking this great job we have for granted, are over. You enjoy coming to work every day, and we’ll enjoy having you. And whatever’s thrown your way -- TV, digital, print, outdoor, social, anything, everything – you’ll kill it, and then ask for more.

In short . . . you “get it.” And SRG will look to you to be a valuable part of our unique, innovative and ever-growing creative culture.

• 2+ years agency copywriting experience
• Demonstrated ability to work well with others in both team and independent environments, and a positive, flexible attitude that will lend itself to client service
• Proven ability to effectively organize and manage multiple projects
• Proven ability to conduct and utilize online research
• Strong written and verbal skills

*** Please provide a link to your portfolio or book.

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Please provide a link to your portfolio or book.