Satellite Transmissions Engineer

Jul 29, 2013
Aug 28, 2013
Hiring Manager
Seeking a Freelance Satellite Transmissions Engineer for position in master control for Network television in Washington D.C...
This position is freelance, and is shift work. Coverage in the department is 24X7, flexibility is a must. Work varies according to vacation schedules/sick time/alternative assignments for staff engineers. There is work available on weekend shifts which is allotted among the current group of freelancer engineers.

Position operates in a high pressure environment, with high stress level. Position works solo, and would be responsible for breaking news transmissions on whatever shift assigned. Union position, pay is union scale according to group level. This job would be a good supplemental job for someone who has other full employment.

Position requires knowledge of the following equipment: (knowledge/experience with most/all of equipment listed preferred, if in possession of basic equipment knowledge/equipment, willing to train.)
Basics: Transmission of audio/video signals via satellite, microwave, dark fiber and/or IP transmission technology. Candidate should be familiar with:
1.Digital Video standards
2.Ability to read Waveform monitors and Vector scopes
3.Experience with Robotic cameras
4.Shading of cameras
5.Tuning of satellite, microwave and ASI receivers
6.Knowledge of Embedded and AES audio
7.Experience with Video routers (remote and local control)
8.ADAM studio intercom software

Additional equipment/future transmission:
IP transmission equipment: Begans, Jujitsu (transmitters and receivers) etc.

Please send resumes to

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