Senior Frontend Engineer

San Francisco
Jul 31, 2013
Aug 30, 2013
Full Time
About Us:

CrowdFlower is changing the way work gets done. We build a quality control system that distributes work to millions of people around the world, and analyzes the results to guarantee the highest possible accuracy.

Why would you want to work here? We treat people well and have fun working. CrowdFlower is a bike friendly, plant friendly, family friendly environment. Our team has a variety of interests and talents in addition to making mind-blowing software. Our perks include 100% medical care for employees and 80% for employees family, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, dinner Family style on Tuesdays, bagels on Wednesdays, lunch on Thursdays with featured guest speakers like Jeffrey Heer (D3 provocateur) and Tim Ferriss (The 4 hour work week). Like to play speed chess, pingpong or Yoga? You'll like CrowdFlower!

The Job:
When we say Senior Frontend Engineer, we're talking about someone that is comfortable building custom UI/UX as well as defining API endpoints for the UI to communicate with. In terms of MVC, the position looks like: 5% M, 75% V, and 20% C. The primary tools you'll employ are Rails, jQuery, D3, and some Ember. We're looking for someone who's equally comfortable relentlessly pursuing a task independently or pairing up to get a job done. You'll be working on the core CrowdFlower platform creating new interfaces and paradigms as we continue to innovate.

Our applications are used by thousands of people every hour around the world. Everything our engineers do has real and tangible impacts. You won't be just another cog in the machine.

A few things you'll focus on:
* Distilling complex requirements into simple interfaces
* Defining the future of CrowdFlower's platform
* Building new products that use the core CrowdFlower platform
* Create interactive charts and diagrams:
* Improve the interface that tens of thousands of CrowdFlower contributors use everyday

* Prior experience hacking on at least one significant production-level Web app
* Experience in multiple programming languages (we primarily use Ruby, Clojure, and JavaScript)
* A solid command of JavaScript. When something breaks, you either know exactly why it broke, or can find out easily.
* Designed new interfaces - thinking up a creative solution and being able to implement it effectively
* The ability to manage your time and projects yourself. We don't micromanage

* Experience with D3
* Client-side MVC - Ember or Backbone
* A great design aesthetic
* Mobile web development
* Crowdsourcing - the name of our game - big ups if you're familiar
* Git skills and GitHub repos full of cool stuff you've hacked on.

We use the best tools, so let's talk keywords. Show us your experience in:

* Git
* jQuery
* MooTools
* ember.js
* D3
* Ruby
* Redis
* PostgreSQL
* Kafka
* Hadoop
* Zookeeper
* Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2, Mechanical Turk, DynamoDB - the whole #!)

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