Sparks Glencoe
Aug 23, 2013
Sep 22, 2013
Anne Denford
Full Time
Our Baltimore office is looking for a copywriter with 5+ years experience (at least 2 years in digital and social) and possess the following characteristics:

· Your writing style is flexible to the point of making your best bud shoot Natty Bo out his nostrils one minute, and make your mother melt with sentimentality the next.
· You can tackle a 200+ page website and a 3-word headline.
· You like to play nice with even nicer people.
· You think that ‘integrated’ is a dinosaur’s way of sounding progressive and instead believe the idea should dictate the media, even if that media doesn’t even exist yet.
· You are obsessed with the craft of writing, highly conceptual, and have other interests outside of advertising where you apply this.
· You like being happy.

Please send resume, link to your work, and salary requirements to

Please send portfolio and salary requirements.