Ad Operations Manager

Aug 27, 2013
Sep 26, 2013
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Full Time is building a portfolio of self-service, cost per click advertising programs. Examples of products already in the market are Product Ads and Sponsored Products. We are building a new team to drive adoption and use of existing and new self-service advertising programs.

We are looking for a result driven individual to join our newly formed team to manage advertising operations. This role will be responsible for ensuring that we have scale-able teams and processes in place to support thousands of advertisers across more than one advertiser segment. In addition this role will be responsible for the systems used to drive self-service adoption (Salesforce, email platforms, metrics) and will establish processes and SOPs to enable multiple product teams to effectively communicate with advertisers.

The ideal candidate will be a metrics driven but creative. A strong leader who can prioritize effectively, communicate clearly and persuasively, this person is able to drive focus and excellence with the teams they work with. You'll be responsible for building scale-able programs which support the operation and growth of our business. This includes solving for how we support large advertiser bases, build out self-service help and training, enable existing teams to extend to support advertising, ensure partner teams deliver the right results and build tools and processes used by the entire team and the product teams we work with.;273483969;99573125;f?

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