Marketing Analytics Director

Sep 03, 2013
Oct 03, 2013
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Full Time
The Marketing Analytics Director will be responsible for understanding, analyzing and reporting general program statistics and customer behavior, as well as revenue generated from marketing programs. The Marketing Analytics Director will be responsible for producing standardized, scheduled reporting as well as ad hoc reporting as needed. The Marketing Analytics Director will also be responsible for effectively communicating results of analysis to key decision makers. This position also includes creating and maintaining performance dashboards and promotional analysis to optimize sales and maximize cost efficiency.

Major Responsibilities:

• Develop a comprehensive set of KPIs and corresponding benchmarks (internal / external) to drive effective marketing channels (i.e. email, website, webinars, social media, etc.)
• Roll out the KPIs within an automated system to deliver the metrics within a robust user interface (e.g. Tableu)
• Institutionalize the process and metrics across the organization. Develop operational guidelines and processes on how to manage KPI’s on a regular basis (day / week / month / quarter / year)
• Provide the PCs with benchmarks for each of the channels
• Provide a forum for best practicing sharing related to the benchmarks.
• Provide metrics for product analytics
• Initiate a pan PCs initiative focused on managing product usage and customer service analytics strategy, implementation, and utilization for digital solutions;
o ForeSee user satisfaction survey implementation, analysis, and reporting on all PCs products
o Create benchmarks for the PCs to compare against each other
o Google Analytics on product platforms
• Apply analytical methods and tools to available usage data to support key business objectives and providing relevant information in meaningful views to stakeholders
• Develop a strategic analytics process for usage data;
o Work with internal stakeholders and external consultants to assess PC’s current analytical capabilities and develop a strategic plan for moving the company to higher stages of analytical development.
• Make recommendations to different functional groups based on trends and information found in existing and new analytics initiatives.

Required Skills / Knowledge:
• Excellent written and verbal skills with ability to disseminate technical information in an understandable format
• Strong Analytical skills: Understanding of relevant marketing KPIs including lead generation metrics, Web metrics, and how to develop, track, and report against established revenue objectives.

Experience Needed:

• 5 years marketing data analysis experience

Educational Background Required:
• Bachelor's degree required.