Engagement Planner

Sep 15, 2013
Oct 15, 2013
John White
Full Time
We are seeking an Engagement Planner to join our Boston Strategic Planning & Mediahub teams.Mullen is an agency that loves T-shaped people - the misfit toys who don't necessarily come in any traditional boxes or see their job description as being defined by old-school titles. This is no more true than in our search for an Engagement Planner - a role that is by its very nature defined in a multitude of ways depending on the agency and their vision (not to mention geography). So our definition is as follows: We are looking for people with strong media AND strategic backgrounds. You will be an essential part of our strategy team, providing a bridge between planning and creative - with specific responsibility for consumer behavior insights that can be bought to life in creative engagement strategies. This means not just knowing and being highly confident in the ever-changing media landscape, but really understanding that landscape from the consumer perspective for whichever brand we are focusing on, and being able to dimensionalize it for creative teams in ways that will bring to life a whole new array of media possibilities. You will be expected to bring a strong strategic point of view with regard to your vision for how to reach and engage consumers in a new, different and relevant ways. You will be tasked to work with creative teams and act as a catalyst and collaborator: ensuring they are thinking about and understand the media insights and approach from the start, and helping craft those ideas in line with differentiated media opportunities.Additional needs include, but are not limited, to:Ability to quickly understand a raw concept/ idea and quickly identify which platforms and channels it could best be brought to life through.Expertise in said channels and platforms to guide how the concept, messaging and experience should be refined for each in order to be most relevant."Systems-thinking" to be able to connect up multiple complimentary messages & tactics across platforms and organize their sum output toward a larger business or brand objective.Serve as a bridge between planning and analytics to identify KPIs for the various layers of communications in a campaign effort.

Four-year degree is requiredMinimum of five-years engagement planning/comms planning experience requiredYou must be eligible to work in the United States to apply for this jobMullen is an eoe encouraging diversity in the workplace