East Hampton
Sep 23, 2013
Oct 23, 2013
Joseph Shaw
Full Time
Print Is Dying? Not In The Hamptons …

The Press News Group, publishers of three award-winning community newspapers in the Hamptons and the region's most visited website, is searching for the next editor of The East Hampton Press.

On the East End of Long Island, community journalism is thriving: there are numerous newspapers and websites that are among the nation's best when it comes to keeping residents informed, and a healthy economy keeps it all going strong. The challenge to stay competitive is great, and the newspaper requires a special leader.

The chosen candidate will guide The Press in its coverage of East Hampton Town life, working with its reporting staff to find the stories that really matter. An enthusiasm for community journalism and an ability to lead in the newsroom are essential. As the Press News Group continues to incorporate new technology, familiarity with such technologies is key, and a big part of the job will be guiding the online coverage of East Hampton issues at our website, 27east.com. The editor also will write key stories, must have the ability to compose hard-hitting and insightful editorials, and should be able to continue The Press's reputation for dazzling layout.

To be considered for the post, a candidate must have exceptional editing and writing skills, a demonstrated history of leadership in the newsroom, experience with both opinion writing and layout, and familiarity with using the web to serve a readership. Any candidate also should be able to interact comfortably with the community, represent the paper at public events, and work well under deadline pressure.

We offer a competitive salary, 401K plan, profit sharing, medical, and other benefits--including the opportunity to live in and become part of a beautiful seaside community that is an international destination.

The Press News Group's roots go back more than a century in serving one of the world's most vibrant communities--The Southampton Press was established in 1897--and Press newspapers have won scores of state and national awards in the last decade, in direct competition with some of the best community newspapers in the United States. We are looking for a leader to take The East Hampton Press forward in that climate.

To be considered, send cover letter, resume, references, and links to and/or copies of previous publications. Email address is jobs@pressnewsgroup.com; mailing address is: Attn: EH Editor Search, Press News Group, P.O. Box 1207, Southampton, NY 11969. No phone calls.

No phone calls, please.