Fitness Editor

Oct 16, 2013
Nov 15, 2013
Hiring Manager
Full Time
Active Interest Media is looking for a passionate and open-minded Senior Editor for a magazine devoted to hardcore fitness and weight training. The Senior Editor will help conceptualize and assign articles for print and Web, and he or she will see them through the editing process all the way to the design stage. The candidate will work closely with art directors, photographers and fitness industry personnel to ensure the highest quality content. Publishing is a fast-paced and deadline-oriented industry that demands excellent communication skills, reliable follow-through and the ability to work independently yet still collaborate with a team.


• First and foremost is ability with the written word in all forms, lengths and styles. The candidate must be able to write original, compelling and prolific copy as well as competently and succinctly edit the manuscripts of professional writers for clarity, correctness and readability. Most important, the candidate also must be able to turn the raw manuscripts of nonprofessional writers (M.D.s, Ph.D.s, industry experts) into clear, serviceable and entertaining copy.

• Knowledge and passion for weightlifting, bodybuilding and exercise culture of all types. Training credentials/experience preferred. Industry contacts a plus.

• A sound grasp of whole-food nutrition and supplements as they pertain to health, performance and body composition

• Best practices for reporting and journalism, especially as they relate to the integrity of interviews and sourcing of information

• Creativity in how information is presented in words and images

• Fluency in scientific research and online search engines for clinical studies such as PubMed

• Familiarity with AP Style manual

Please email resume, portfolio and cover letter along with salary requirements

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