Features Copy Editor

Oct 17, 2013
Nov 16, 2013
Express, Features Copy Editor
Full Time
Express, The Washington Post’s free daily, is seeking a strong features copy editor whose talent extends from finding the smallest of errors to writing the catchiest of headlines.

If you're the right person for the job, you’re as comfortable copy editing and proofreading as you are with matters of overall story structure and tone. You're a master of grammar and Associated Press style. You question everything and have an eagle eye for typos. You excel at spotting holes and contradictory information in stories, and you guide and challenge writers rather than just rewrite them.

Top candidates also would have an ear for language, an ability to write conversationally and a sense of humor — we want readers to smile when they read our features.

This position does not include the assigning of stories or managing of writers.

Candidates should have at least five years of editing and headline-writing experience. Please submit your resume, a cover letter and 10 published headlines or other display type along with five to 10 before-and-after editing clips (what a story looked like originally, and what it looked like once you were done with it).

No phone calls, please.