Social Media/Editorial Assistant

New York
Oct 25, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
Ms. Samantha Meiler
Part Time -- Nickelodeon’s destination for all things funny, just for moms – is seeking a plugged in, creative assistant and social media savant for an amazing opportunity.

This awesome job entails:
-Working with Sr. Social Media Editor to write and program NickMom’s social channels
-Interacting with the social universe as NickMom
-Using a wide array of social media publishing/analytics tools and translating the data to optimize the NickMom social presence
-Serving as an overall editorial department assistant – this means everything from programming content on NickMom to administrative duties
-Being an integral part of a creative, forward-thinking team

The ideal candidate will be:
-Comfortable chatting with moms about funny parenting stuff in the NickMom voice (and within our guidelines) across all social channels
-Personally invested in social media with a presence that screams “I’m a little bit obsessed with social and I don’t care who knows it!”
-An internet culture freak. If you found that link before Gawker put it on FB, let’s talk.
-Pretty darn organized. Because you’ll be juggling a lot of stuff at once.
-Tech savvy – if you’ve worked in a CMS, that’s a start.
-Available to work 28 hrs a week, but understand that these are social media hours – meaning if we’re Twitter partying on a Saturday, you’re there. (IE: Flexible schedule is key.)
-A mom. Or have a mom. Or at least understand what moms want and can speak to them as an equal.
-Funny, authentic and relatable. There’s no getting around this one.

Please send your cover letter and resume to