Web Producer

Oct 30, 2013
Nov 29, 2013
The Chronicle
Full Time
The Chronicle of Higher Education is looking for a smart, technically savvy web producer to join our award-winning Visuals Department.

The Chronicle is the premier source for news and information about higher education, and you'll be part of our web team. Your core duties all relate to the daily flow of news and information. You’ll assist our web writer, senior web producer, and the rest of the team to manage and maintain the daily flow of news on chronicle.com. Supporting our social media efforts is a high priority, and you will participate in getting the word out to those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other communities. Last, but not least, you’ll own our popular newsletters that reach a huge segment of our audience. Opportunities to work on feature projects will also be available.

We're looking for a talented individual who thrives on deadline, is self-motivated and proactive, and a team player that enjoys collaborating with others and running with a project. The right person is flexible, comfortable with change, and willing to try new software and other technologies.

Do you fit this profile?

You want to make a difference in journalism. We're storytellers by nature, and the presentation of news and information in all its varied forms in critical to communicating the essential elements of a story. You believe that the work you do can be a catalyst for change, and to help our audience make informed decisions. In short, you're part news junkie and part passionate storyteller.

You have experience producing editorial content. You've worked for a news organization for a few years, and you thrive in a faster-paced environment. You think about alternative ways to tell stories, and are up on the latest technologies. You’ll have opportunities to write daily blog posts and short news reports, and help manage our blogs. You can find your way around WordPress and other content management systems. You’re generally familiar with code, know HTML and CSS, and have dabbled in JavaScript.

You are immersed in the digital world. You view social media as essential to communication, not an afterthought. This includes creating posts in these networks to publicize content, responding to our audience in these networks, developing a presence in new social networks, and crowd-sourcing information that helps with reporting.

If the above information describes you, and you have three or more years of experience, let's get the process started! Send your resume and samples to editorialsearch@chronicle.com.