Head of Online Communications

Nov 05, 2013
Dec 05, 2013
Leslie Bernstein
Full Time
The Head of Online Communications will perform the following duties:

•Provide a vision and plan for the WBG’s online communications approach, especially helping identify new opportunities in mobile and social media. Advocate across the WBG on the importance of online communications, including citizen engagement, to effectively reach and connect with our audiences.
•Manage a team of online communications specialists, including editors (for each corporate language), writers, producers and social media staff responsible for content development. Ensure coordination of work across teams; oversee HR aspects of team, including the hiring process, mentoring, and performance reviews. Provide leadership and ensure staff development.
•Ensure the WBG’s online and mobile presence is strategic, coherent, on-message, and enhances the institution’s overall brand. Ensure online communications are anchored in open knowledge, results, and innovation.
•Develop and implement a plan to further expand the WBG’s reach to non-English speaking audiences, including a localization and translation strategy for www.worldbank.org.
•Ensure the editorial approach and content of the WBG’s corporate assets support the institutions’ business and communication priorities, and help to strengthen our online brand.
•On Worldbank.org, oversee the homepage, feature packages, high-profile site areas, including News & Views, Youthink!, Blogs, World Bank Live, and current issues. Lead a team to create new content and web pages on emerging corporate issues, ensuring the Bank’s online presence accurately and dynamically reflects the context of the situation as well as the Bank’s response. On IFC.org, oversee content creation and production for corporate sections, coordinating with IFC team.
•Play a lead role in strategy and implementation of diverse and complex online communication campaigns of special significance. Prepare online strategy and action plans to successfully soft-position on issues and broaden reach through creative packaging that draws on a full panoply of new media outreach. Ensure institutional coordination on strategy, localization and tactics.
•Oversee development and implementation of online and mobile media strategy (social and marketing) in the six corporate languages, and identify opportunities for leveraging to increase reach of all communications outreach.
•Conduct ongoing issue monitoring and rapid and longer-term response on key issues, and work with units around the WBG to ensure the latest information and positioning is available online in a coherent, audience-centric way.
•Provide guidance and support for online communications and social media activities as they pertain to senior management engagement and presence with key external audiences.
•Work with key stakeholders across the WBG to identify short- and long-term transition plans to engage all audiences on the web, mobile and social platforms, integrating audience and site analytics to ensure the approach balances internal and external demands.
•Supervise community of practice to strengthen integration of strategic communications with the web and new media, and develop a stronger community of online communicators. Coordinate editorial and content issues and messaging with VP and unit-level online communications staff across the WBG.
•Work with Web Governance and Media teams to ensure content adheres to editorial and reputational risk criteria.
•Analyze and look for opportunities and potential gaps in online communication activities and work to improve those areas. Accordingly, write and/or oversee the preparation, production and dissemination of products. Review analytics to determine the impact of online communication products.

Selection Criteria

•Master’s or bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, International Relations/Public Affairs, Political Science or other related disciplines, with a minimum of 8 years (with master’s) or 13 years (with bachelor’s) of relevant experience.
•In-depth knowledge and understanding of project and program management concepts and tools, a problem-solving approach to project management, and the ability to build a collaborative team environment in the implementation of complex, multifunctional projects.
•Strong knowledge of online communication tools and methodologies (such as online monitoring, web analytics, and other online measurement tools) and as a means to understanding stakeholder/audience information needs.
•Proven writing and editing skills and a command of English sufficiently strong to lead or advise others in developing simple or complex communication materials, and the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear, direct, and lively style.
•In-depth knowledge of international trends and political/economic issues related to development.
•Strong conceptual and analytical skills, with the ability to think strategically and to rapidly analyze and integrate diverse information from varied sources into conclusions and recommendations.
•Ability to initiate and manage a continuing editorial process and to conceptualize and execute the online packaging of content for multiple platforms – especially mobile; sufficient in-depth proficiency to develop or lead others in the planning, development, and execution of online communications strategies.
•Demonstrated political awareness and the ability to diplomatically handle sensitive situations with target audiences and to cultivate effective, productive client relationships; sensitive to working in a multicultural environment.
•Ability to work capably under stress and to manage multiple projects within tight deadlines; highly organized with attention to detail and a sense of urgency. Experience working with cross-functional teams.
•Full knowledge of and applied work experience in social media and web 2.0 technologies.
•Experience producing for the web and a basic working knowledge of software packages for page formatting, image management, videos, and content preparation (HTML, Photoshop, and similar software preferred).
•Experience in web analytics, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Ability to leverage online communication tools and methodologies (such as online monitoring, web analytics, or other online measurement tools) and to lead research efforts that identify and map project stakeholders or intended audiences, and to develop and analyze online communications performance indicators.

Please apply through the job application link only.