Editor, JSTOR Magazine

New York
Nov 25, 2013
Dec 25, 2013
Jakki Kerr
Other, Publishing
Full Time
What we’re looking for.
We want an Editor to join ITHAKA’s Marketing & Communications (M&C) team to lead the creation of a JSTOR Magazine—a new way for people to understand and contextualize their world.

JSTOR was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading digital libraries for academic content in the world. It includes the archives of 2,000 of the best scholarly journals published, more than 17,000 academic books, and millions of primary sources. The content covers fifty major disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Think Nobel Prize winners, the most impactful thinkers for generations including today, and major collections, like our collaboration with 270 herbaria around the globe to create an archive of the world’s plant life.

We have the seed of a new idea to make this library even more vibrant and impactful. We want to create an engaging, multi-media online magazine to provide insight, commentary, and analysis of ideas, research, and current events, tapping into the rich library of scholarship on JSTOR, the network of authors whose research is housed there, and our readers.

This is an opportunity for an experienced editor to step in at the early conception stage, to experiment, and to create something amazing.

You will have a lot to work with. Beyond the content in the library itself, we reach millions of users around the world today through our network of nearly 10,000 universities, colleges, government and other institutions and libraries in 167 countries. In 2013, significant accesses to content in the library are on track to exceed 500 million. We have recently launched a new offering that provides limited free reading access to everyone worldwide that is adding more than 100,000 new users each month, as well as the ability for individuals to get their own JPASS—direct access to the archive.

We also have a fantastic and fun creative design, marketing, and technology team to help you bring your editorial vision from concept to reality.

What you’ll do.
The Editor will lead the creation of a new multi-media, interactive magazine. You will develop a unique editorial voice, direction, and structure, creating content that people engage with regularly and that draws them in to explore the JSTOR online library in greater depth. Specifically, you will:

Have editorial oversight for the magazine(s) and be responsible for developing a network of writers and content creators, including tapping JSTOR users and readers.
Determine ways to deliver content, formats and frequency, and to engage readers.
Ensure timely publication and release of new work.
Establish and measure performance against KPIs.
Collaborate with marketing and technology teams on site, channel, and audience development.

The ideal person for this position will possess the following:
•Exceptionally strong background in digital media publication and content creation
•Curiosity and the ability to rapidly see and develop story ideas
•An understanding of academic research and scholarly publishing
•Demonstrated success in a start-up environment
•Ability to engage, inspire, and manage a team of writers and content creators
•Experience reporting on or working with research and/or educational content
•Joy in collaborating with a team and testing ideas
•6-8 years of experience in editorial, journalist, or publicity roles for online magazines or other publications with demonstrated success in building readership and value
•Bachelor’s degree

When applying, please include a resume, cover letter, and salary requirements.

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