News Editor

New York
Dec 17, 2013
Jan 16, 2014
Michael Ventura
Digital Media
Full Time
* At least two years experience working in a digital newsroom.

* Excellent copy editing skills. (Typoes in this posting are intentional. Fix them!)

* Solid news judgement formed in the crucible of deadline pressure.

* A Twitter following (are you following us?); an Instagram account (are you following us?).

* Experience working with reporters of various levels of skill and experience and turning them into heavy-hitters.

* Deep knowledge of New York City and how to find stories there.

Do NOT apply if:

* You've spent a millennia in print or TV and want to get into digital now because its 'the new thing' and you feel it's time you acquired digital skills.

* You've never cracked open your AP Style Guide or Strunk N White.

* You think Strunk & White is a law firm.

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