Pop Culture Writer

Dec 18, 2013
Jan 17, 2014
Joshua Tyler
Cinema Blend is hiring a freelance pop culture writer. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, highly enthusiastic wordsmiths with good common sense and a unique perspective on what people care about at any given moment.

Sometimes that involves Miley Cyrus. Sometimes that involves the Bed Intruder Song and sometimes that involves laughing about Black Friday shenanigans. We want someone who embraces pop culture, knows the rumors, the songs and the scandals inside and out but keeps enough of a distance to comment on it with a snarky tongue and a reasoned approach.

If your first impulse after hearing a terrible celebrity baby name is to make a list of other terrible celebrity baby names, we’re looking for you. If your first impulse after a miserable experience at the grocery store is to write 500 words on why people who bag groceries need to be trained not to mix hot and cold food, we’re looking for you. We want your vision. We want your attitude, and we want your passion.

Qualified candidates should have basic photo editing equipment, a willingness to work hard, a hatred of clichés, some writing experience and a broad knowledge of viral videos, music, celebrity gossip and/ or popular culture and most importantly, a pitch as to what types of things they'd like to cover during their first week.

To apply send us links to published samples of your work along with a resume to the email address specified above. Include the job title you're applying for in the title of your e-mail. We pay a small but competitive per-article rate and we're looking for 50 - 70 submissions from you a month.

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